Block Dispenser

The Block Dispenser is a Redstone controlled device with a multitude of uses.
In the inventory of the Block Dispenser there is a highlighted slot that shows the current selected item. Given a full inventory, the selector will move over every slot 1 by one, changing after every redstone signal.

  • The major usage of the Block Dispenser is its ability to break and place blocks in front of it.
    When it receives a signal it will place the currently selected block.
    When it loses that signal it will break the block in front of it.

  • Silk touches Smooth Stone.

  • Throw Dynamite from its inventory.

  • Place Mining Charges that have gravity when facing downward.

  • Companion Cubes.

  • Take the wool off of Sheep.

  • Milk a Cow with a bucket.

  • Turn chickens into eggs???

  • Eject Items, just like a Dispenser

  • Eject Minecarts on to rails

  • Suck in Minecarts, any inventory will be ejected on the ground.