Horizontal Windmill Vertical Windmill

The Windmills are the most basic way of Mechanical Power aside from the Hand Crank. The faster a windmill blows the faster the axle will turn, when it is raining or snowing it will turn far too fast for a Wooden Gearbox to handle for more than 30 seconds.
The player can prevent the gearbox from being overpowered by supplying a redstone signal directly to it.

Each of the blades of a windmill can be dyed by clicking on the Windmill block (For the Vertical Windmill it is the middle of the 7 axles).

Windmills require air flow and thus do not work in the void of the End. Horizontal Windmill

To place this windmill it needs a 13x13x1 cleared space with an axle at the center, click on the axle with the Windmill item.
There cannot be any blocks above this windmill to operate, so it will not work underground or in the Nether.

Horizontal Windmill

Vertical Windmill To place this windmill it needs a 9x7x9 blocks of free space, including the 7 axles placed one on top of other in the middle. Click on the bottom of the 7 axles to form the windmill. This windmill does not need the blocks above it cleared and thus works in the Nether.

Vertical Windmill